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    Your amazing Justin. Thank you. We're keeping him in prayer!

    lolly trujillo

    I cant thank you enough for this pastor Justin. Our family is dealing with alot if waiting at this moment as well. And everywhere i turn i see God speaking to me and telling me to be patient. Given my type a personality this isnt always easy but i will and am holding on to his word. Because i know he is faithful and his words are true. Thank you is all i can say but you have no idea what your words and your family have done for my heart.

    Jesika Nunez

    AMEN! My Prayers go out to you & your family! God is AMAZING & i've learned that no matter how long it may take , he NEVER lets us down! This was a very touching Blog; to see how family never lets you down! I love the quotations your Mother has said. Made me smile, because those are true words of Beauty! May God continue to Bless you, your family, & most of all your Grandfather.

    Justin McNeil

    Pete, Thank you so much for the prayers!
    Lolly- We know you've been dealing with a very similar issue too and we've been praying for you. He sees you!
    Jesika- Momma is definitely a woman of beauty:) Ty for your comment!


    I love you beautifully expressed our heart in this season. Oh the value lessons we are learning in this season. So happy to live LIFE together as FAMILY. What a blessing!

    Shira Ellsworth

    Thanks for sharing your heart Justin. May God continue to give you peace in the midst of your storm. May His love grow bigger in your heart for your family. Blessings!

    the britt family

    what a beautiful testimony and we will be praying for your papa, and please as you are praying together pleaselift Zachs grampa ronald in N,C, he is having some medical issues going on and God is already working on it but we can use all the prayer possible Thanks and Blessings to you and your family the Britts


    Omg are u kidding me. Yes. I needed this. I was jus reading this bcuz I'm bored at work but wowww. Thanks.


    Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful testimony. I just got out of a similar situation with my Babcia (Grandmother), my best friend and I prayed for God to take her, just let her suffer no more. Everything you said above is what I went through exactly. Your words give me peace and I thank God that he moved through you. I learned so much through the painful season of my life. God Bless.

    Justin McNeil

    Cindy- Thanks, I couldn't have gotten through all this without a sister/cousin like you.
    Shira- Thank you shira!
    Adina- Thanks so much for the prayers, we will be praying for Grandpa Ronald too!
    Betty- Glad boredom led to blessing:)
    DC- I'm happy to hear it you related to it, God's Word speaks to every situation!


    My hands are up in the air praising God in this roller coaster season in Familia !


    What a beautiful and blessed word. Waiting is always the hardest in many situations. It's nice to be reminded that God sees, knows and hasn't forgotten us. Thank you for taking time to share when it's been so hard for you all. Please tell your mama I pray for her papa every day. I love your mom so much. She's been such a strenth for my Sara. Love to you all.

    Chepe Jose

    Wow!!!!!!!! This blog soothed my soul! I suffered in a slightly similar way on 3/16 my sister passes after an agonizing 14hrs of hearing her breath in an inhumane way, she was like a vegetable. Hurt my heart, it still does everyday. I will pray for your family. I was the only one who served God in my sister room. Your a blessed man to have a family that prays together. So glad Came across your blog in twitter. Blessings Man of God


    Justin as I watched you praising God at Service last night I could have never imagined what you are going through at this time. After reading your blog it shows me your heart truly is focused upon God to allow you to praise and love on him with such passion in one of your darkest moments. What a beautiful example of a true Christian you are to us all. May God Bless you and your entire family now in these moments of pain and always. How blessed is your Grandfather to be surrounded by such a loving family filled with prayer. I will pray for a contiuned recovery for your Papa. God Bless

    Erica York

    We are praying for you guys daily. You are such an inspirational man of God and I am so blessed to call you family. Reading your words and getting a glimpse of your heart makes me forget how far apart we are geographically and how close we are spititually. Thank you for sharing this and we will continue to lift your grandpa and family in our prayers. Love you.

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