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    Dr. Linda Travelute

    Amen, let's live today like it's our last...even if it isn't!

    Lady Bee

    Pastor Justin, this is SO well said I know it was Holy Spirit inspired!!! Get RIGHT with God and we don't have to worry about the day or the hour and live in a frenzy like others of the world does. Thank God for sending one of His very own to set the record straight. And we are under such great earthly Leadership at COL, thank God for our chief Pastor Jeffrey Smith for continuing to feed us God's word with a clear understanding. Gloray be to God!!! Love to You & Amanda, God bless~

    Justin McNeil

    Thanks Dr. Linda, that's what it's about! And Lady Bee, we love you too:)

    lisa basinger

    WOW, I'm so glad you posted this. I read it last night with my 14 and 18 yr old.And it really got me thinking of how I want to be the Lords hands and feet here on earth. I want my children and I to be ready for him in a moments notice. So if anything, Harold Camping gave us a wake up call. We should be living everyday That would be pleasing to our father.I'm so glad that our community has COL right here for us. You are all awesome.


    Dr. Linda I really like your words, Bless you looking forward for more Bless you,

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